Dye Happy is a family-run business located in beautiful South County.  Deb & Bill started tie dyeing in 1985, while still in college.  They would make T-shirts and go on tour with the Grateful Dead, using the proceeds from the sales to pay for the tour.  In 1987,  they graduated, moved to Vermont, and took a brief hiatus from dying to work at “real jobs.”   In the fall of 1989, with the approaching birth of their first daughter, they were again inspired to pick up the dye bottles and began to develop the kids’ clothing business that Dye Happy!  is today.


Deb & Bill, along with their two daughters,  arrived in Rhode Island in 1995 so that Bill could pursue a graduate degree.  Dye Happy!  continues to have a presence at many craft shows around New York and New England, as well as an exciting site on the World Wide Web.  Their sense of color and artistry has developed over many years of experimentation and customer feedback.  Enjoy your tie dye and thanks for your support!